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may 2015

Today’s posting: courtesy of Harvard University researchers and science writers

Activating genes on demand
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University — March 3, 2015

Blood Work
“Decreased red blood cell clearance appears to predict serious disease”
Harvard Medical School News — April 28, 2015

How to Kill a Protein
“Cells have been doing it for millions of years, and we’re just starting to learn their tactics”
Harvard Medical School News — April 22, 2015
“Artificially activating a neural link in mice can reduce eating without chronic hunger”
Harvard Medical School News — April 28, 2015
New Chapter in Epigenetics
“Unsuspected DNA modification raises possibility of new carrier of heritable epigenetic information”
Harvard Medical School News — April 30, 2015
‘New clarity’ against Alzheimer’s
“Recent findings open the door for a breakthrough, Tanzi says”
Harvard Gazette, Science and Health/Health and Medicine — May 5, 2015

Zooming in on Transcription
“How RNA machinery navigates our genomic obstacle course”
Harvard Medical School News — April 23, 2015


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June 2013: 1

Encoding the Brain
“Researchers map the influence of genes on behavior”
Tricia Brick, Boston University Today, Science and Technology — April 12, 2013

Endothelium, Heal Thyself
“A fresh look at this resilient, adaptable tissue”
Bonnie Prescott, Harvard Medical News — May 15, 2013

Possible genetic explanation for the placebo effect
Program in Placebo Studies — October 12, 2012

Stopping the Spread of MRSA
“ICU bloodstream infections cut by nearly half with simple intervention”
Mary Wallan, Harvard Medical news — May 29, 2013

When the brain is under attack
“A new disease at the crossroads of psychiatry and neurology could help in the understanding of psychosis”
Daniela J. Lamas, Boston Globe —  May 27, 2013


A theorem in limbo shows that QED is not the last word in a mathematical proof
Julie Rehmeyer, Science News — March 25, 2013


Highlights from the American Physical Society meeting, March 2013
“how fire ants need a little water to dig deep, what makes trees scream and a tiny crystal that can squeeze through an even tinier tube”
Science News —  March 25, 2013

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