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January 2014: 2

Cervical Cancer Clues
“Genomic study points to potential therapeutics, highlights HPV”
Veronica Meade-Kelly, Harvard Medicine News — January 2, 2014

Epigenetics enigma resolved
“Scientists have obtained the first detailed molecular structure of a member of the Tet family of enzymes”
Quinn Eastman, Emory University 
Woodruff Health Sciences Center — December 27, 2013

Every cell has a sex
“Research needs to recognize health differences between men and women”
Paula A. Johnson, Boston Globe — January 5, 2014

Speeding up gene discovery
“New gene-editing system enables large-scale studies of gene function”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — December 12, 2013

Study identifies potential new strategy to improve odds of corneal transplant acceptance
Debbie Bolles, Southwestern Medical Center Newsroom — December 30, 2013


A New—and Reversible—Cause of Aging
“A naturally produced compound rewinds aspects of age-related demise in mice”
David Cameron, Harvard Medicine News — December 19, 2013

Turning Off the “Aging Genes”
“Computer algorithm identifies genes that could be transformed to stop the aging process”
Tel Aviv University, Jerusalem — January 2, 2014 


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