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June 2014: 4

Mechanism explains complex brain wiring
VIB Research Institute, Flanders, Belgium — June 11, 2014

Mechanism of cell death unraveled – perspectives for treating degenerative and inflammatory diseases
VIB Research Institute, Flanders, Belgium — June 4, 2014

Natural hormone molds leaner bodies in mice
“Scientists find new molecular link between exercise and health benefits”
Richard Saltus, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Communications — June 5, 2014

New method reveals single protein interaction key to embryonic stem cell differentiation
University of Chicago Medicine Newsroom — June 5, 2014

Self-assembling nanomachines start to click
“A nanocage builds itself from engineered components”
Leila Gray, Research Newsbeat, University of Washington — June 4, 2014

Stem Cells Hold Keys to Body’s Plan
“Case Western Reserve research team discovers “seeds” of stem cell development”
Jeannette Spalding, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine news — June 5, 2014

 UO researchers use rhythmic brain activity to track memories in progress
“EEG electrodes capture electrical oscillations as a remembered object is encoded and held in memory”
University of Oregon News — June 5, 2014

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