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march 2015

A new stem cell advance
“Scientists produce hypothalamic neurons, which can help target a range of conditions by using lab dishes”
Hannah Robbins, Harvard Gazette Science and Health — March 2, 2015

A new understanding of Alzheimer’s
“…mitochondria — cellular power plants — might be at the center of the disease”
Peter Reuell, Harvard Gazette Science and Health — February 25, 2015

Brain Waves
“Basal forebrain neurons fine-tune consciousness by synchronizing rhythms in the cortex”
Jake Miller, Harvard Medical News — March 2, 2015

Perception of food consumption overrides reality
“Research suggests anti-aging benefits of calorie restriction without the restriction”
Karen Feldscher, Harvard School of Public Health Communications — February 26, 2015

background: proteins

Strike a Pose
“The structure of our proteins informs how we function”
Stephanie Dutchen, Assembled with care, Harvard Medical School–Winter 2015


Bionic Leaf
“Researchers use bacteria to convert solar energy into liquid fuel”
Elizabeth Cooney, Harvard Medical news — February 9, 2015

A trap for greenhouse gas
“Microcapsule method offers new approach to carbon capture and storage at power plants”
Harvard University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory — February 5, 2015

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