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October 2014: 4

‘Alzheimer’s in a Dish’
“3-D culture system replicates disease, confirms amyloid hypothesis”
Sue McGreevey, Harvard Medical News — October 14, 2014

Basel biomedical bring cells into the fast lane
“…novel insights into the regulation of directional cell migration”
University of Basel — October 6, 2014

Drug-infused nanoparticle is right for sore eyes
Pamela Smyth, University of Waterloo News — October 8, 2014

New Discovery in Regulating Autoimmune Diseases
“A natural molecule delays disease onset and reverses disease progression”
Marjorie Montemayor-Quellenberg, Harvard Medical News — October 14, 2014

Scientific breakthrough will help design the antibiotics of the future
Bristol University News — October 17, 2014

Solid nanoparticles can deform like a liquid
“Unexpected finding shows tiny particles keep their internal crystal structure while flexing like droplets”
David L. Chandler, MIT News Office — October 12, 2014


Are We Really Conscious?
Michael Graziano — Sunday Review, New York Times — October 10, 2014

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