January 2015:3

New analysis explains collagen’s force
“Experiments and simulations show that adding or removing water makes the material push and pull”
David L. Chandler, MIT News Office — January 22, 2015

Ribose-seq identifies and locates ribonucleotides in genomic DNA
New ribose-seq technique allows access to the full profile of ribonucleotides embedded in genomic DNA
Georgia Tech News Center, Health and Medicine — January 26, 2015

Telomere extension turns back aging clock in cultured human cells, study finds
“Researchers delivered a modified RNA that encodes a telomere-extending protein to cultured human cells”
Krista Conger, Stanford Medicine News Center — January 22, 2015

cell mechanics: transcription and replication

Genetic switch regulates transcription and replication in human mitochondria
Heather Zeiger, Phys.org, Cell & Microbiology — February 2, 2015

In a role reversal, RNAs proofread themselves
“Molecular photographs of an enzyme bound to RNA reveal a new, inherent quality control mechanism”
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory — January 29, 2015

Variety show
“New techniques reveal ‘extreme’ gene copy range”
Stephanie Dutchen, Harvard Medical News — January 29, 2015


The Pursuit of Beauty
“Yitang Zhang solves a pure-math mystery”
Alec Wilkinson, New Yorker — February 2, 2015


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