December 2014: 3

Lens-free microscope can detect cancer at the cellular level
“UCLA researchers develop device that can do the work of pathology lab microscopes”
Bill Kisliuk, UCLA News — December 17, 2014

Mysteries of ‘molecular machines’ revealed
“Scientists are making it easier for pharmaceutical companies and researchers to see the detailed inner workings of molecular machines”
Los Alamos National Laboratory news — December 22, 2014

New class of synthetic molecules mimics antibodies
Jim Shelton, Yale University News Office — December 17, 2014

New way to turn genes on
“Technique allows rapid, large-scale studies of gene function”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — December 10, 2014

Predicting antibiotic resistance
RIKEN, press release, Japan — December 17, 2014


Trapping light with a twister
“New understanding of how to halt photons could lead to miniature particle accelerators, improved data transmission”
David L. Chandler, MIT News Office — December 22, 2014


SFU scientists help put bedbugs to bed forever
Simon Fraser University news — December 22, 2014


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