December 2014: 1

Cell’s skeleton is never still
News Releases, Rice University — November 24, 2014

Computer model sets new precedent in drug discovery
Kat J. McAlpine, Press contact, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University — November 18, 2014
**Watch the simulation in full screen mode **

Decoding the emergence of metastatic cancer stem cells
“…research reveals a common pattern in the decision-making that allows cancer cells to both migrate and form new tumors.”
Jade Boyd, Office of Public Affairs, Rice University — October 31, 2014

For Important Tumor-Suppressing Protein, Context is Key
“Berkeley Lab scientists learn new insights into how p53 binds to the human genome”
Dan Krotz, News Center, Berkeley Lab — November 21, 2014

Screening Out Resistance
“Direct drug testing of tumor biopsies could lead to individualized cancer treatment”
Sue McGreevey, Harvard Medical News —  November 13, 2014

Tiny carbon nanotube pores make big impact
Anne M. Stark, Science news, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory — October 30, 2014

Toward genetic editing
“Scientists develop system that could treat a host of conditions”
Peter Reuell, Staff writer, Harvard Gazette — November 3, 2014


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