November 2014: 1

Cell Division, Minus the Cells
“Scientists assemble basic biological phenomenon from scratch”
Elizabeth Cooney, Harvard Medical News — October 28, 2014

Molecular beacons shine light on how cells ‘crawl’
Carol Clark, Emory News Center — November 10, 2014

Mutant Models
“Physics, statistics and genetics come together to reveal cancer’s strategies”
David Cameron, Harvard Medical News — November 3, 2014

NYU researchers break nano barrier to engineer the first protein microfiber
NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering — October 22, 2014

Penn-led Team Pieces Together Signaling Pathway Leading to Obesity
Katherine Unger Baillie, Media contact, University of Pennsylvania — November 4, 2014

Scientists Develop New Way to Study How Human Cells Become Immortal, a Crucial Precursor to Cancer
“Berkeley Lab research could lead to new ways to fight cancer before it develops”
Dan Krotz, Berkeley Lab News — November 6, 2014

Synthetic biology on ordinary paper, results off the page
Kat J. McAlpine, Press Contact, Wyss Institute — Oct 23, 2014


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