October 2014: 1

Blood Cleanser for Sepsis
“Dialysis-like ‘biospleen’ quickly filters bacteria, fungi and toxins”
Kristen Kusek, Harvard Medical News — September 15, 2014

Cancer Immunotherapy on the Cusp
“HMS discoveries inspire treatments that free the immune system to fight tumors”
Elizabeth Cooney, Harvard Medical News — September 5, 2014

Pancreatic Cancer Insight
“Study reveals gene expression patterns in circulating tumor cells”
Sue McGreevey, Harvard Medical News — September 24, 2014

Scientists discover an on/off switch for aging cells
“The switch controls the growth of telomeres, the timekeepers of cells”
Salk Institute News — September 19, 2014

Sensory Sensitivity
“Stimulation and deprivation alter vascular structure in the brain”
Stephanie Dutchen, Harvard Medical News — September 4, 2014

Zebrafish Model of a Learning and Memory Disorder Shows Better Way to Target Treatment
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania — September 11, 2014

Dark matter

Particle detector finds hints of dark matter in space
“Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer detects positrons in cosmic ray flux that hint at dark matter’s origin”
Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office —  September 18, 2014


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