July 2014: 2

Directly Visualizing Hydrogen Bonds
“Researchers at the University of Chicago use a novel spectroscopy technique to make breakthrough visualization of partners in a hydrogen bond dance”
John Arnst, from the Journal of Chemical Physics — July 15, 2014

Dodging dots helps explain brain circuitry
David Orenstein, Press contact, Brown University News — July 7, 2014

Lassa Virus Tactic Exposed
“Virus uses unexpected two-step mechanism to enter cells”
Harvard Medical News, Adapted from a Netherland Cancer Institute news release — June 30, 2014

Noninvasive brain control
“New light-sensitive protein enables simpler, more powerful optogenetics”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — June 29, 2014

SLU Scientists Hit ‘Delete’: Removing Disordered Regions of Shape-Shifting Protein Explains How Blood Clots
Carrie Bebermeyer, Saint Louis University — July 10, 2014

Targeting Bone Cancer
“HMS researchers have utilized nanomedicine technologies to develop a drug-delivery system that can attack cancer cells in the bone”
Marjorie Monemayor-Quellenberg — July 1, 2014

Unmasking Viral Invader
“Device used in physics/chemistry reveals dynamics of pervasive pathogen”
David Cameron, Harvard Medical News — June 5, 2014


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