July 2014: 1

Architecture of Signaling Proteins Enhances Knowledge of Key Receptors
Duke Medicine News and Communications — June 22, 2014

Biologists Find ‘Missing Link’ in the Production of Protein Factories in Cells
Kim McDonald, UC San Diego News Center — June 22, 2014

Family of Proteins Plays Key Role in Cellular Pump Dynamics
“…scientists pinpoint channeling of cell’s energy flow in moving metal ions”
Jeannette Spalding, News Center, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine — June 22, 2014

Scientists Reveal Details of Calcium “Safety-Valve” in Cells
“Structure of membrane protein that plays a role in signaling cell death could be new target for anticancer drugs”
Brookhaven National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy — June 6, 2014

Seemingly invincible cancer stem cells reveal a weakness
Whitehead Institute, Gupta Lab — June 5, 2014

Targeting Tumors Using Silver Nanoparticles
“A new platform developed at UCSB increases the efficiency of drug delivery and allows excess particles to be washed away”
Julie Cohen, The UCSB Current news, University of California Santa Barbara —  June 8, 2014

Team finds on-off switch to burning stored fat
UT Health Science Center News, San Antonio, Texas  — June 5, 2014


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