May 2014: 3

Genes and Galaxies
Symposium taps experts to consider how genetic research can “boldly go where no one has gone before . . .”
Harvard Medical School News — March 27, 2014

Immune System Linked to Neurodegeneration
“Scientists connect genetic variation and immunology in risk for neurodegenerative and other diseases”
Marjorie Montemayor-Quallenberg, Harvard Medical School News — May 2, 2014 

Investigators Discover How Key Protein Enhances Memory and Learning
“Case Western Reserve finding could pave way to cognitive disease therapies”
Jeannette Spalding, Case Western Reserve University News release — May 2, 2014

Lifesaving procedure with an image problem
Jane E. Brody, New York Times Well blog — April 21, 2014

Anti aging protein

Hope for aging brains, skeletal muscle
“Harvard stem cell researchers say protein can make those body parts function in old mice much as they did when younger”
B.D. Colen, Staff Writer, Harvard Gazette — May 4, 2014

Young Blood Renews Old Mice
Jocelyn Kaiser, Science Now — May 4, 2014

Younger Muscles And Minds: Protein Turns Clock Back In Mice
Carey Goldberg, WBUR Common Health — May 4, 2014


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