May 2014: 2

A cup of coffee a day may keep retinal damage away
Krishna Ramanujan, Cornell University news — April 28, 2014

Breast Cancer Clue
“Researchers identify new mechanism of cancer caused by loss of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene function”
Bonnie Prescott, Harvard Medical School News — April 29, 2014

Fingerprinting diseases
Think news, Case Western Reserve University  — Fall/Winter 2013

Study: Most Doctors Flunk Math Of Medical Test Accuracy
Carey Goldberg, WBUR Common Health — April 30, 2014

Turning science on its head
“Harvard researchers offer new views of body’s insulating material”
B.D. Colen, Staff Writer, Harvard Gazette — April 18, 2014

You took the words right out of my brain
“New research shows brain’s predictive nature when listening to others”
James Devitt, press contact, New York University — April 29, 2014

Environmental news

Promising solution to plastic pollution
“Harvard’s Wyss Institute creates bioplastic made from shrimp shells”
Wyss Institute Communications, Harvard University — May 5, 2014


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