May 2014: 1

A fattening gene
“Max Planck researchers discover a gene that controls fat metabolism”
Max Planck Gesellschaft research news — April 28, 2014

Cellular Crosstalk
“Sensory nerve cells instruct immune cells in mouse model of psoriasis”
Elizabeth Cooney, Harvard Medical news — April 23, 2014

Columbia Engineers Grow Functional Human Cartilage in Lab
Holly Evarts, Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science news — April 30, 2014

Delving deep into the brain
“MRI sensor allows neuroscientists to map neural activity with molecular precision”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — May 1, 2014

First comprehensive atlas of human gene activity released
Todd Datz, Harvard School of Public Health news — March 26, 2014

MRI, on a molecular scale
“Researchers develop system that one day could peer into the atomic structure of individual molecules”
Peter Reuell, Harvard Gazette — April 17, 2014

Environment news

Study in Science finds missing piece of biogeochemical puzzle in aquifers
Louise Lerner, Argonne National Laboratory press release — May 1, 2014


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