March 2014: 3

Chips that Listen to Bacteria
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University — February 28, 2014

Emergency Alert in the Cell
“Max Planck Scientists identify new mechanisms in the cellular stress response”
Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry — February 28, 2014

It slices, it dices, and it protects the body from harm
Princeton Journal Watch, Princeton University — February 28, 2014

Negative plus
“Researchers strengthen continuous protein evolution system”
Peter Reuell, Harvard University News Office — February 25, 2014

Optical nanotweezers for control of nano-objects
“Trapping and moving an individual nano-object in 3D”
The Institute of Photonic Sciences — March 3, 2014

Tumor Growth Checked
“New therapy releases brakes on immune response in metastatic melanoma”
Robert Levy, Harvard Medicine news — March 4, 2014

Understanding PP1, the ubiquitous enzyme
David Orenstein, Media Contact, Brown University — March 3, 2014


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