February 2014: 3

Hitchhiking vaccines boost immunity
“New MIT vaccines that catch a ride to immune cell depots could help fight cancer and HIV”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — February 16, 2014

Molecular aberration signals cancer
Investigating the role of noncoding RNA
Simon Fraser University news — February 19, 2014

New Trial Advances Cell-Based Immune Therapy for Certain Leukemias
Julie Grisham, Memorial Sloan Kettering research news — February 20, 2014

New sitting risk: disability after 60
Regardless of exercise, too much sedentary time is linked to major disability after 60″
Maria Paul, Northwestern University news — February 19, 2014

Two proteins compete for one docking station on a growth factor; one promotes metastasis, the other blocks it
“Rivals’ relative expression levels in cancer cells could be biomarkers for prognosis, treatment”
MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, News Room — January 23, 2014

Ultrasound training should be implemented early into medical education programmes
World Heart Federation press releases — January 24, 2014

Why Vitamins May Be Bad for Your Workout
Gretchen Reynolds, Well blog, New York Times — February 12, 2014


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