February 2014: 2

Lab-grown virus-free stem cells repair retinal tissue in mice
Johns Hopkins Medicine News — January 23, 2014

The evolutionary-developmental origins of multicellularity
Karl J. Niklas, American Journal of Botany 101(1): 000–000. 2014

Capturing ultrasharp images of multiple cell components at once
Dan Ferber, press contact, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University — February 3, 2014

Gene editing

Genome Surgery
“Precise and easy ways to rewrite human genes could finally provide the tools that researchers need to understand and cure some of our most deadly genetic diseases”
Susan Young, MIT Technology Review — February 2014

Sharpening CRISPR-Cas’s Aim
“Shortening guide RNAs markedly improves gene-editing tool”
Sue McGreevey, Harvard Medical News — January 28, 2014


The Unexpected Power of Baby Math
“TAU researcher finds that adults still think about numbers like kids”
American Friends, Tel Aviv University —  January 22, 2014

Tracing unique cells with mathematics
German Research Center for Environmental Health Press Release — January 23, 2014


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