February 2014: 1

Alzheimer’s research

IDIBELL researchers discover an epigenetic lesion in the hippocampus of Alzheimer’s patients
Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute, Spain — January 20, 2014

Researchers discover a simple amoeba holds the key to better treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
Royal Holloway University of London, Press Office News — January 24, 2014

Scripps Florida Scientists Find Regulator of Amyloid Plaque Buildup in Alzheimer’s Disease
Scripps Research Institute — January 23, 2014

Cancer research

Experimental breast cancer drug
Cardiff University News Centre — January 27, 2014

Moderate Irradiation of Unaffected Breast May Prevent Second Cancers
“Moderate radiation doses can kill premalignant cells in the unaffected breast”
Columbia University Medical Center Newsroom — January 23, 2014

DNA barcodes

‘Barcode’ profiling
“New technology enables analysis of hundreds of tumor marker proteins at once”
Sue McGreevey and Yvonne Fisher-Jesses — Harvard Medical News — January 28, 2014

Our understanding of food webs transformed
Helsingfors Universitet, University of Helsinki — January 27, 2014


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