January 2014: 3


Designer “Swiss-Army-Knife” Molecule Captures RNA from Single Cells in their Natural Tissue Environment
“Findings allow for better understanding of how tissue microenvironment affects gene expression in healthy and diseased cells”
Perelman School of Medicine News, University of Pennsylvania — January 13, 2014

Molecular Engines Star in New Model of DNA Repair
“Study reveals major role of RNA polymerase and other enzymes in DNA repair”
NYU Langone Medical Center News — January 8, 2014

Penn Biologists Establish New Method for Studying RNA’s Regulatory ‘Footprint’
Katherine Unger Baillie, University of Pennsylvania News — January 7, 2014

Little but lethal: Small RNAs coordinate bacterial attack on epithelial cells
Jim Sliva, American Society for Microbiology news — January 14, 2014

Respiration and lungs

Dietary fibres protect against asthma
Swiss National Science Foundation Newsroom — January 6, 2014

New Research May Boost Drug Efficacy in Treating Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Science Daily — January 7, 2014

Odor receptors discovered in lungs
“They’re just like those in your nose, but instead of conjuring up a cup of coffee, they might make you cough”
Diana Lutz, Washington University at St. Louis News — January 2, 2014


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