January 2014: 1

Clean Slate for Germ Cells
“Tet1 helps erase epigenetic imprints before eggs and sperm develop”
Tom Ulrich, Harvard Medicine News — December 10, 2013

Common Disorders: It’s Not the Genes Themselves, But How They Are Controlled
Researchers identify “multiple DNA changes that cause disease, offering new drug targets”
Jessica Studeny, Case Western Reserve Medical School news release — December 20, 2013

Novel noninvasive therapy prevents breast cancer formation in mice
Dan Farber, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering — January 1, 2014

Researchers unlock a new means of growing intestinal stem cells
“Studying these cells could lead to new treatments for diseases ranging from gastrointestinal disease to diabetes”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — November 27, 2013

Unusual suspects
“Computer models plus observations of RNA inside a cell help scientists home in on a short list of interesting RNA ‘machines'”
Elizabeth Dougherty, MIT News — December 15, 2013

Math education

Getting a move on in math
“Marshall Scholar Kirin Sinha is motivating young women to pursue math through dance”
Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office– December 23, 2013

Public helps with protein folding research

Popular Science
“In the Internet era, research moves from professionals’ labs to amateurs’ homes”
Katherine Xue, Harvard Magazine, January/February 2014


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