December 2013: 3

Bad proteins branch out
Mike Williams, Rice News — November 26, 2013

Biosensor Could Help Detect Brain Injuries During Heart Surgery
Phil Sneiderman, Johns Hopkins University News — November 11, 2013

Pills of the future: nanoparticles
“Researchers design drug-carrying nanoparticles that can be taken orally”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — November 27, 2013

Surviving Ovarian Cancer: Rutgers Scientists Attack Drug Resistant Cancer Cells
“New drug delivery system successfully treats deadly advanced-stage ovarian cancer in mice”
Robin Lally Rutgers University Research News — December 6, 2013

UI researcher studies evolution on the molecular level
“Findings may be useful in design of future drugs and catalysts”
Gary Galluzzo, University of Iowa Research News — December 13, 2013


Making Choices
“How microbes choose lifestyles gives clue to origin of multicellular life”
Jake Miller, Harvard Medicine News — December 10, 2013

Strength in Diversity
“Bacteria show surprising number of genetic paths to survival within each patient”
Stephanie Dutchen, Harvard Medicine News — December 12, 2013


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