December 2013: 2

Activating Pathway Could Restart Hair Growth in Dormant Hair Follicles
“Manipulation of the Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Pathway Could Provide Therapeutic Targets for Hair Loss, Unwanted Hair Growth and Skin Cancer”
Penn Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine News — December 5, 2013

Measuring life’s tugs and nudges
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering — Dec 9, 2013

Resistance is futile
Targeting mitochondrial DNA increases the efficacy of cancer therapy
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — October 31, 2013

Structure of Key Pain-Related Protein Unveiled
“UCSF Researchers Use Innovative Approach to Yield Images of TRPV1 with Unprecedented Clarity”
Pete Farley, UC San Francisco News —  December 4, 2013

Synthetic RNAs designed to fight cancer
Julia Evangelou Strait, Washington U. in St. Louis Newsroom — December 5, 2013

Under Repair
“New research implicates immune system cells in muscle healing”
Elizabeth Cooney, Harvard Medical School News — December 5, 2013

Quantum physics: Entanglement

You can’t get entangled without a wormhole
“MIT physicist finds the creation of entanglement simultaneously gives rise to a wormhole”
Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office — December 5, 2013


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