December 2013: 1

Common brain cell plays key role in shaping neural circuits, study finds
Bruce Goldman, Stanford School of Medicine News — November 24, 2013

Doctors Identify a New Knee Ligament
Gretchen Reynolds, New York Times Wellness blog — November 13, 2013

Pills of the future: nanoparticles
“Researchers design drug-carrying nanoparticles that can be taken orally”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — November 27, 2013

Protocell Progress
“Researchers clear hurdle to making primitive, synthetic cells”
Sue McGreevey, Harvard Medical News — November 28, 2013

Scientists think mysterious virus could be a signal of a weak immune system
“Genomic analysis of transplant patients finds an opportunistic microorganism whose elevated presence could be used as an indicator in treatment”
Tom Abate, Stanford School of Medicine News — November 21, 201

Shaping the Cancer Genome
Genomic structural susceptibility to cancer is more complex than previously imagined
Stephen Elledge, Harvard Magazine, November 6, 2013

With Jell-O and Lasers, UT Scientists Build Tiny Cages for Bacteria
Matt Largey, KUOT radio, University of Texas, Austin —  November 19, 2013


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