November 2013: 3

It’s RNA’s World, We’re Just Living In It
Kevin Jiang, Science Life, University of Chicago Hospitals — November 12, 2013

Listen to this: Research upends understanding of how humans perceive sound
Tracie White, Stanford University School of Medicine — November 20, 2013

Stem cell therapy may become effective treatment for osteoarthritis
“Cartilage damage, inflammation and pain reduced after injecting stem cells from bone marrow”
Erasmus Medical Center press release, Netherlands — November 11, 2013

Unnecessary Testing?
“Study finds inappropriate laboratory testing throughout medicine”
Bonnie Prescott, Harvard Medical News — November 18, 2013

Computer is learning common sense

Carnegie Mellon Computer Searches Web 24/7 To Analyze Images and Teach Itself Common Sense
“NEIL Program Labels Images, Learns Associations With Minimal Help From People”
Byron Spice, Carnegie Mellon News Office — November 20, 2013


When water flows uphill
Luke Groskin, Science Friday video — November 21, 2013
(also on YouTube)


Quantum Dot Sphere
Julie Leibach, Science Friday Picture of the Week — September 26, 2013


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