November 2013: 1

A hidden genetic code for better designer genes
Dan Ferber, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard — September 26, 2013

A tiny, time-released treatment
“Lab focuses on more accurate, targeted drug delivery through nanotherapy”
Alvin Powell, Harvard Gazette — October 8, 2013

Chaos Theory
“Patterns in cancer’s chaos illuminate tumor evolution”
Stephan Dutchen, Harvard Medical News — October 31, 2013

Doubling Forces Against Glioblastomas
“Two-drug combination slows malignant brain tumors in mice”
Richard Saltus, Harvard Medical News  — October 24, 2013

Improving cord blood transplants
“Stem Cell Institute publishes first clinical trial results of promising new method”
Joseph Caputo, Harvard Gazette — October 11, 2013

Health care reform

Doctor’s Orders
“A veteran of war and vascular surgery offers advice on health reform”
Jake Miller, Harvard Medical News — November 8, 2013


As complex as a toy
“Radcliffe Fellow creates and uses simple mechanisms to explain complex science”
Alvin Powell, Harvard Gazette — October 26, 2013


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