October 2013: 2

How the gut’s ‘fingers’ form
“Mechanical forces in growing gut tissue shape villi in embryonic animals”
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering news — September 23, 2013

NCATS and Johns Hopkins Researchers Identify New Therapeutic Strategy for Eye Diseases
Looking for tools to prevent death of retinal ganglion cells
National Center for advancing translational sciences, NIH — August 2013

On the Hunt
“New survey of DNA alterations could aid search for cancer genes”
Richard Saltus, Harvard Medical News — September 26, 2013

Watching tumors burst through a blood vessel
“A microfluidic platform provides a high-resolution view of a crucial step in cancer metastasis”
Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office — September 20, 2013

Materials science

How to make ceramics that bend without breaking
“New materials developed at MIT could lead to actuators on a chip and self-deploying medical devices”
David L. Chandler, MIT News Office — September 26, 2013


Deconstructing motor skills
“Separate aspects of development highlighted in study”
Peter Reuell, Harvard Gazette — September 27, 2013

Peer reviews in open access journals

Who’s Afraid of Peer Review?
“Dozens of open-access journals targeted in an elaborate Science sting accepted a spoof research article, raising questions about peer-review practices in much of the open-access world”
John Bohannon, Science, October 4, 2013


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