October 2013: 1

DNA nanotechnology opens new path to super-high-resolution molecular imaging
Dan Ferber, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering — Oct 3, 2013

Lifestyle Changes May Lengthen Telomeres, A Measure of Cell Aging
“Diet, Meditation, Exercise Can Improve Key Element of Immune Cell Aging, UCSF Scientists Report”
Elizabeth Fernandez, UC San Francisco News — September 16, 2013

Extracellular RNA

Extracellular RNA communication (background and video)
National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, Research, NIH

DNA Found Outside Genes Plays Largely Unknown, Potentially Vital Roles
“UCSF Study Identifies Thousands of Previously Unknown RNA Molecules”
Jeffrey Norris, University of California at San Francisco —  June 27, 2013

NIH funds research to explore a cell communication process
“Researchers will investigate the emerging field of extracellular RNA and its role in human health conditions”
August 13, 2013


Bringing ‘common sense’ to text analytics
“Luminoso Technologies uses artificial-intelligence research as a commercial springboard”
Rob Matheson, MIT News Office — September 24, 2013


Seeing light in a new way
“Scientists coax photons to bind into molecules for first time”
Peter Reuell, Havard Gazette — September 27, 2013


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