August 2013: 4

HeLa genome offers clues to cells’ cancerous nature
“Genetic sequence published along with agreement to protect family’s privacy”
Cristy Gelling, —  August 7, 2013

Membrane Composition Linked to Insulin Resistance
“Newly discovered small molecule boosts insulin signaling”
Charles Sdhmidt, Harvard Medical News — August 13, 2013

Vaccine works on hard-to-treat leukemia
“Novel treatment boosted selective immune attack on leukemia cells in post-transplant patients”
Richard Saltus, Dana Farber Cancer Institute Communications — August 6, 2013


Long the stuff of fantasy, wormholes may be coming soon to a telescope near you
Tom Siegfried, — August 5, 2013


Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic . . . and Respect?
Emotional literacy linked to efficient learning
Science Friday video — August 5, 2013


Seeing depth through a single lens
“3-D image created using just two frames from a stationary camera or microscope”
Caroline Perry, Harvard SEAS Communications — August 5, 2013


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