August 2013: 3

Building Modular Vaccines
“New technology may generate vaccines conferring strong immunity at reduced cost and risk”
Thomas Ulrich, Harvard Medical News — August 1, 2013

Gastric bypass surgery causes sugar-burning gut growth in rats
“Intestinal changes could explain rapid improvements in diabetes”
Meghan Rosen, — July 25, 2013

New plan of attack in cancer fight
“Researchers demonstrate that a two-drug combination, under certain circumstances, can eliminate disease”
Peter Reuell, Harvard Gazette Science — July 18, 2013

Rogue genes on X chromosome turn on in testicles
“Rapidly evolving DNA could affect sperm production”
Jessica Shugart, —  July 23, 2013

Tracking Brain Tumors
“Noninvasive molecular biology tool detected a common tumor-associated genetic mutation in cerebrospinal fluid”
Sue McGreevey, Harvard Medicine News — July 24, 2013

Linguistic analysis

Uncovering the Mystery of J.K. Rowling’s Latest Novel
Science Friday video — July 26, 2013


New coating creates ‘superglass’
“Resilient, ultraslippery glass could lead to self-cleaning, scratch-resistant windows, lenses, and solar panels”
Dan Ferber, Wyss Institute Communications — August 2, 2013


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