August 2013: 2

Developing cancer drugs
“Researchers find therapeutic potential in ‘undruggable’ target”
Joseph Caputo, Harvard Gazette Science, June 17, 2013

Mouse retinas grown in lab
“Transplanted cells can function in rodents’ eyes”
Tina Hesman Saey, — July 22, 2013

Reprogrammed cells generate blood vessels
“Researchers’ findings could make crucial difference in treatment of cardiovascular disease”
Sue McGreevey, Massachusetts General Hospital Public Affairs — July 15, 2013

Surgical tool smokes out cancer in seconds
“Sniffing for telltale molecules, method analyzes tissue with every cut”
Christy Gelling, — July 18, 2013

Systems biology tunes in to cancer networks
“…understanding the networks of molecular interactions inside cancer cells”
Tom Siegfried, — July 22, 2013

Science Friday videos

Building a Liver From Stem Cells
July 5, 2013

Can White Blood Cells Spread Cancer?
July 5, 2013


Particles defy gravity, float upstream
“Inspired by tea leaves’ reverse route, physicists demonstrate that water’s surface tension allows unexpected movement” — July 2, 2013


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