July 2013: 2

Addicted to … Food?
“High-glycemic foods and substance abuse may engage the same brain mechanism”
Andrea Mooney, Harvard Medical News — July 3, 2013

Buckling up to turn
“Marine microbes change swimming direction via a high-speed mechanical instability”
Denise Brehm, MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering — July 7, 2013

Cancer’s Mighty Mite
“Findings show that miR-22 may play a key role in both breast and blood cancers”
Bonnie Prescott, Harvard Medical News — July 8, 2013

Off-Target Gene Editing
“Unwanted mutations indicate need to improve precision of CRISPR-Cas RNA-guided nucleases”
Sue McGreevey, Harvard Medical News — June 25, 2013

Supramolecular chemistry – Moving away from synthesis and toward design
Ashutosh Jogalekar, Scientific American/Lindau Nobel Online community blog — July 3, 2013

The Surprising Benefits of Working Backward
“Coming at problems from novel perspectives causes the brain to function differently, often yielding unexpected results”
Posted by Akiko Busch, Next Avenue — June 28, 2013

Off topic — photons

Researchers build an all-optical transistor
“An optical switch that can be turned on by a single photon could point toward new designs for both classical and quantum computers”
Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office — July 4, 2013


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