July 2013: 1

Balancing Act
“Mitochondrial protein coordinates a little-known enzyme that controls how fat is stored or burned”
Elizabeth Cooney, Harvard Medical News — June 17, 2013

Enhancing RNA interference
“Helping RNA escape from cells’ recycling process could make it easier to shut off disease-causing genes”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — June 23, 2013

Gene therapy shows new signs of promise
Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe — June 2, 2013

Reading DNA, backward and forward
“MIT biologists reveal how cells control the direction in which the genome is read”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — June 23, 2013

Engineering microbes

High-Octane Bacteria Could Ease Pain at the Pump
“Engineered E. coli mass produce key precursor to potent biofuel”
Dan Ferber, Harvard Medical News — June 26, 2013

Living Factories: How Scientists Engineer Microbes to Make Useful Molecules (video)
Kevin Bonham, Science blogs: We, beasties —  June 12, 2013

Mathematics literacy

Goodnight moon, goodnight math (npr video)
“Should you add some math problems to your kids’ bedtime stories?”
Laura Overdeck, Founder, Bedtime Math, Science Friday

Research into light (Fall 2012)

French, American physicists who study light awarded Nobel
“Their work may lead to super accurate clocks”
Dennis Overbye, New York Times — October 10, 2012


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