June 2013: 3

A step closer to artificial livers
“Researchers identify compounds that help liver cells grow outside the body.”
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office  — June 2, 2013

Chemical screen points to new line of attack against neuroblastoma
Making cancer cells “grow up” (differentiation therapy)
Haley Bridger, Broad Communications — May 30th, 2013

Mindfulness meditation: A mental workout to benefit the brain
(Includes a good set of additional references)
Science in the News — April 15, 2013

New MATH for Cancer
“In head and neck tumors, genetic diversity predicts outcomes”
Sue McGreevey, Harvard Medical School News  — May 20, 2013

Selectively Silencing Itch
“Experimental approach uses itch-specific nerves to let in relief”
Elizabeth Cooney, Harvard Medical School News — June 7, 2013

Viral Architecture
“Seeing how the Hepatitis C virus builds ion channels could help researchers find new drugs to fight the disease?
Jake Miller, Harvard Medical School News — June 13, 2013


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