Life sciences, November 2012:2

Rare mutation found to increase Alzheimer’s risk
Gina Kolata, Boston Globe — November 15, 2012

Self-assembling DNA

Cancer-fighting Robots
Harvard Magazine, September — October 2012

Faster, Cheaper DNA Origami
Diana Gitig, BioTechniques — June 4, 2012

Researchers create self-assembling nanodevices that move and change shape on demand
Elizabeth Dougherty, Wyss Institute — June 20, 2010

Wyss Institute Develops New Nanodevice Manufacturing Strategy Using Self-Assembling DNA “Building Blocks”
Mary Tolikas, Wyss Institute — May 30, 2012

Helping children learn

Cuddle Your Kid!
Nicholas Kristof, New York Times — October 21, 2012

Farming without pesticides

A Simple Fix for Farming
Mark Bitmann, New York Times — October 19, 2012


Paintballs may deflect an incoming asteroid
Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office — October 26, 2012


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