Life sciences, November 2012:1

New techniques and materials

Discovery Reveals Important Clues To Cancer Metastasis
Bonnie Prescott, Harvard Medical School News — October 12, 2012

Patients’ DNA May Explain How Placebo Effect Occurs, Study Finds
Meg Tirrell, Washington Post with Bloomberg — October 24, 2012

Researchers build a toolbox for synthetic biology
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — August 3, 2012

Targeting cancers’ ‘addiction’ to cell-cycle proteins shuts down tumors in mice
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute — October 17

Tracking stem cell reprograming
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — September 13, 2012

Topological insulators (off-topic)

Electronics takes on a new spin
David L. Chandler, MIT News Office — December 5, 2011

Watching electrons move at high speed
David L. Chandler , MIT News Office — September 18, 2012

More atoms and electrons (off-topic)

A one-way street for spinning atoms
MIT News Office — August 30, 2012

Harvard-Yale team on trail of electron’s mysteries
Carolyn Y. Johnson, Boston Globe — October 8, 2012

Teaching self-assembling structures a new trick
David L. Chandler,  MIT News Office — June 7, 2012


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