Life sciences, October 2012:1

Controlling behavior, remotely
“Researchers use precise lasers to manipulate neurons in worms’ brains”
Peter Reuell, Harvard Gazette, September 25, 2012

How Drug Pair Closed Cancer’s Alternate Route
“Combination of targeted treatment drugs delays resistance in melanoma patients”
Harvard Medical School
Sue McGreevey — October 1, 2012

Measuring the universe’s ‘exit door’
An international array of telescopes measures a black hole
Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office — September 27, 2012

Mouse stand-ins leading the way toward cures, treatment
The Takeaway radio show, John Hockenberry — September 27, 2012

Oscillating microscopic beads could be key to biolab on a chip
David L. Chandler, MIT News Office — September 26, 2012

Silk-Based Electronics Dissolve on Cue for Vanishing Medical Implants
Katherine Harmon, Scientific American blogs — September 27, 2012

Project ENCODE

Deciphering the language of transcription factors
Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office — September 10, 2012

Mapping a genetic world beyond genes
Project ENCODE, international effort
Haley Bridger, Broad Institute — September 5, 2012

Researchers identify biochemical functions for most of the human genome
Anne Trafton, MIT News Office — September 5, 2012

Science policy

US election: Politicians should think like scientists
Nature 489, 493–494 (27 September 2012)


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